Revolutionary Tactics is paving the way for utilization of medical marijuana in the healthcare industry. The use of medical marijuana is quickly rising as an acceptable and effective alternative in medical therapy. According to the GreenWave Report, this potential 35 billion dollar industry is changing lives and evolving medicine as we know it. We want you to be apart of the revolution.

Revolutionary Tactics is a uniquely exclusive professional solutions company that specializes in recruiting and educating the highest quality of physicians for the medical marijuana industry. As registered nurses, we understand that teamwork, competency, respect and positivity are vital in creating a healthy work environment. This is why we are zealous in providing you superior service to exceed your expectations. We are here for people who want more, people just like you! Your success is our success!

“Committed to a long term partnership that will aid in addressing the short term problem and longer term goal”

Staffing Industry Review

What Makes Us Special

Our first distinction stems from our focus on healthcare in the medical marijuana industry. The emphasis on this combination allows us to cater your expectations without distractions from other career fields. We provide exclusivity. Revolutionary Tactics simply enhances the quality of your opportunities.

In addition to exclusivity, we invest our time into your success through education. Our educational approach equips you with the clinical and scientific knowledge to succeed as holistic providers. This new found confidence will transform you into a medical leader of alternative therapy and total patient wellness.

We are staffing for a new generation! It’s time to start empowering and building successful partnerships in effort towards improving patient care and total patient wellness. Revolutionary Tactics was made for you, for people who want more!